Journal of the International Foot & Ankle Foundation <p>The Journal of the International Foot &amp; Ankle Foundation (JIFAF) is an open-access peer-reviewed international journal with a focus on foot and ankle medicine and surgery. It is the official publication of the <strong><a href="">International Foot &amp; Ankle Foundation</a></strong>. Established in 2022, the journal is the continuation of the <strong><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Foot and Ankle Online Journal (FAOJ)</a></strong>, which ran from 2008 through 2020. JIFAF is the ideal platform for practitioners, residents and students to publish case related material quickly and easily for distribution online absolutely free of charge. Its purpose is to provide a quality journal to further promote education and research in foot and ankle medicine and surgery.</p> International Foot & Ankle Foundation en-US Journal of the International Foot & Ankle Foundation 2832-0158 Peroneal longus tendon rupture after fluoroquinolone therapy: A case study <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Fluoroquinolones are a class of antibiotics that are commonly used to treat gram-negative and gram-positive bacterial infections. Tendinopathies, most commonly affecting the Achilles tendon, are a possible side effect with the use of Fluoroquinolones. Tendinopathies may occur from two hours to six months upon starting a course of fluoroquinolones. This case study presents a patient who had a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) confirmed peroneus longus tendon rupture with the presence of an os peroneum fracture after two courses of ciprofloxacin treatment, one course five months prior to the injury and the second course one month prior to the injury. Physicians and patients should monitor for tendon soreness and pain in the peroneus longus tendon in addition to the classically documented Achilles tendon following the use of fluoroquinolones. </span></p> Khurram Khan Priyal Patel Kari Phan Ebony Love Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of the International Foot & Ankle Foundation 2022-06-01 2022-06-01 1 6 10.55067/jifaf.v1i6.15 Cutaneous manifestations of tuberous sclerosis in the foot: A case study <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Tuberous sclerosis is a neurocutaneous syndrome that can manifest in many different ways. One of the major criteria is the presence of periungual or subungual fibromas in the toes. This article presents two cases of recurrent periungual fibromas and multiple options for treatment. </span></p> Molly Ichikawa Melinda Bowlby Gina AmicaTerra Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of the International Foot & Ankle Foundation 2022-06-01 2022-06-01 1 6 10.55067/jifaf.v1i6.16 Tibial sesamoidectomy: Case series and review of literature <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Tibial sesamoidectomy is frequently the treatment of choice for different tibial sesamoid pathologies when non-surgical treatment fails. However, surgery is not without postoperative complications, such as hallux abducto valgus (HAV) deformity. Currently, there is a paucity of research regarding isolated tibial sesamoidectomy and its complications. The purpose of this paper is to present two cases of isolated tibial sesamoidectomy, a brief description of surgical technique, an anatomic and functional description of hallux sesamoids, and an updated literature review on isolated tibial sesamoidectomy. </span></p> Tzu Lu Lin Tracie Shaw Evyn Mirasol Brandon Hawkins Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of the International Foot & Ankle Foundation 2022-06-01 2022-06-01 1 6 10.55067/jifaf.v1i6.19