Initially unidentified soft tissue injuries in the setting of rearfoot and ankle fractures: A pair of case reports


  • Steven R. Cooperman, DPM Second Year Resident, Highlands-Presbyterian St. Luke’s Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency Program, Denver, CO
  • Tracie Shaw, DPM First Year Resident, Chino Valley Medical Center Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency Program, Chino Valley, CA
  • Raffi Salibian, MD Department of Radiology at Olive View UCLA Medical Center



Fracture, Trauma, Soft Tissue Injury, Tendon Dislocation, Tendon Incarceration, Rearfoot, Ankle


Posterior tibial (PT) tendon entrapment and superior peroneal retinaculum injuries are among the most common soft tissue injuries to occur in the setting of rearfoot and ankle trauma. Unfortunately, these injuries may go unidentified in the acute setting, leading to the potential need for additional surgical intervention and worse patient outcomes. Two such cases are presented in this paper with the purpose of bringing awareness to the frequency of these injuries and to provide imaging examples to aid the clinician in making the initial diagnosis. 


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