Formation of intermetatarsal syndesmosis and maintenance of deformity correction following syndesmosis bunionectomy: A case study


  • Matthew Novak Swedish Medical Center, Cherry Hill Campus, Seattle, WA
  • Doug Ichikawa Teaching Associate at The University of Washington, Seattle, WA



intermetatarsal syndesmosis, bunion, bunionectomy, hallux valgus


Hallux Valgus is a common foot deformity with a main surgical objective of correcting the deformity in all three planes, typically using screws, wires, and other hardware to correct the deformity.  The deformity often involves normal bones or variations of normal bones that have migrated out of their normal anatomical position.  The syndesmosis bunionectomy can be used to correct these deformities without relying on hardware for adequate correction, omitting osteotomies, and instead forming a syndesmosis between the first and second metatarsals.  The initial correction of the bunion involves the usage of strong, non-absorbable suture, followed by long-term correction by the formation of an intermetatarsal syndesmosis.  This article presents a case of significant hallux valgus previously treated surgically with a syndesmosis bunionectomy, now presenting for hardware removal 30 months later and histological examination to evaluate true formation of an anatomical syndesmosis following bunion correction as well as maintenance of intermetatarsal angle correction.


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